Franchising and Distributing Policies

Becoming a partner of Uncle Bills

With 100% foreign-owned company, Pacific Partners (VN), Ltd. specializes in importing and distributing consumer goods in Vietnam. We are the exclusive agent of Uncle Bills, a Hong Kong company that supplies non-food items to other global markets such as Europe, Australia and Asia.

Uncle Bills offers more than 1800 popular useful products at supermarkets at the best prices. In particular, there are many items difficult to find in Vietnam or are imported and sold at expensive prices. Products are sold with beautiful design packaging. Every year, more than 100 new models are added to catch up with consumers tastes. Currently, Uncle Bill's Vietnam distributes goods through supermarkets and retail stores. In addition, the product is also available on the website and other online sales channels.


Multiple categories types of goods:

- Kitchenware, garden, bathroom, cleaning supplies, storage

- Personal care, clothing and accessories

- Household appliances, electronics, batteries and computer accessories

- toys, party accessories and decorative items

- Stationery


Uncle Bills are looking for agents, retailers in the dynamic cities of Vietnam


- Wide variety of unique products to increase the sales of the shop

- Stable revenues and attractive returns for retailers and distributors

- The price is affordable, 90% of products are priced less than 100,000 VND

- Eye-catching packaging and high sales opportunities

- Being supported with products classification, sales, promotions, advertising and products training

- Sell in all Omni channels through the presence of UBL Online

- Customer services and fast shipping

- Short payback period (less than 2 years) and higher returns than the average in the market

Interested partners please contact us on 028.3744.2661 or email, we will contact you and feedback soon with your partner.

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